Train hard

Race easy




Train hard

Race easy


Meet PowerSense…

…your new best friend


Ever wondered actually how you’ve been cycling? What your average pace was?

Avio PowerSense can connect to your current Head unit such as most Garmins to provide you with the power statistics.

Designed with an 8 week training system to increase your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which, when increased, has been proven to speed you up in racing and training environments.

Build a fitter and faster you by optimising your training with the recognised Gold Standard, training with power.

See where you've been

Mapping is crucial to a successful training programme.

By saving all your data and creating a log of sessions, you’re able to see what training works for you, and see your form and fitness on a calenderized basis. The collection and logging of power data is a great way to see progress and what type of training works for you.

Choose your intensity, scientifically.

Are you coasting too much going down hills? Working too
hard going up hills? Perhaps maintaing speed on the flats is your problem.
Use Avio PowerSense to accurately apply effort in the right areas.

Compare with friends

Power is standard. Compare wattage figures between yourself, an older version of you, and your friends.


train hard, race easy

Avio’s non-invasive tech gives real time data viewing on all popular head units that support ANT+, such as a Garmin, WAHOO or Bryton.

View your session data on all popular software packages (e.g. Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah) and head units running on this platform.


Connect using ANT+

You can connect powersense to most head units running on ANT+ platforms.

The Bike Shop. 


The mechanics at your local authorized dealer have all the know-how, kit, and expertise to get your PowerSense fitted and calibrated correctly. They have completed the mandatory training and have all the equipment needed to make sure you and your new power meter are looked after.

Order today, and get going tomorrow.


Don’t shelve your kit, work with it. Avio PowerSense
works in conjunction with Strava, Training Peaks,
Zwift, Garmin Edge or our Avio app.

Analyse your rides

All current standards including averages,
normalised power (NP) figures, intensity factor (IF)
and training stress score (TSS).

Save money

A retro fit power meter for every rider at a fraction of the price.
Ultimate flexibility

Monitor your performance, measure your improvement and watch yourself develop – endless possibilities for you to improve.

Built for performance

PowerSense is designed by fitness professionals for both professional and budding athletes of all abilities. We know how hard you work, and in a sport where fractions of a second count, why not give yourself that extra edge.

If you can't measure it...

… you can’t manage it.

Peter Drucker was a legendary guru in the field of business performance, but what he told us applies equally well in sport and fitness. By working with Avio and PowerSense to identify areas for future improvement, you can gain a valuable lead over your competition, and previous version of you.

Endless practice, measured progress

Relentless training schedules are no problem for Avio. Keep a session on your headunit device or upload as many sessions as you like to the website for later analysis at your leisure.

Unique video content

Check out our suite of videos put together by us to show you PowerSense, and how it works.

Worldwide delivery

We aim in the next two years to have PowerSense available in the US, Australia, NZ and most of Europe. When we say we believe everyone should have access to thier power, we mean it!

Find a dealer in your area >

Get involved

Avio will soon be in bikes shops. Spread the word. Speak to your LBS about Avio PowerSense.


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Become an authorized dealer

We’re also looking for bike shops to become one of our Authorised Dealers: a locl hub which Avio customers can visit to get their power meters fitted.
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Installing PowerSense

As simple as fitting a crank.
Well, because that’s all it is. PowerSense is preinstalled on a crank here at the factory and calibrated using the latest available technology.

You can put it on the bike by yourself, or have a bicycle mechanic do this for you.

How to fit your PowerSense

Pairing PowerSense


Your Avio PowerSense meter is compatible with Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Edge, Zwift, and our Avio app.

Connect to your Garmin head unit, and download in the normal way to Strava, Garmin software, and many more.

Enable your Garmin (500, 520, 800 or 1000) power read out function for real data.

Read our step by step by step guide

Adjusting the data screen

Most head units will allow a degree of adjustability for the different things you can view whilst out riding. 

You’ll view these different things on what referred to as ‘Pages’. Page 1 is the screen you use the most, Page 2 is usually a ‘specialist’ screen containing things like power to weight, % FTP and VAM as an example of a climbing page. However, we like the example of having a sprinting screen which has ‘power’ and a ‘time’. Most people only have 3 pages and then their ‘map’ page, or maybe their virtual partner page.

When you come to adjust your data screens, we recommend you do it whilst out on a ride as only then will you know what you really want to look at.

Calibrating PowerSense

It is crucial that your PowerSense is calibrated properly – if it isn’t, it will probably measure force going through the pedal, but you won’t be receiving an accurate reading from the sensor.

In theory, once calibrated (normally during the installation of PowerSense) there should not be a need to re-calibrate the sensor, but sometimes you may want to repeat the process periodically.

Learn how to calibrate your PowerSense


PowerSense is only available in authorized bike shops. There, we can make sure your bike is compatible and can be fitted properly by an authorized Avio fitter.

Read more about our delivery and returns policies


Sometimes things don’t always go smoothly. While we’ve tried to make PowerSense as hassle-free as possible, things happen. 

If for some reason you can’t connect or add PowerSense, we’ll need to pull the battery, ‘forget’ the device on your head unit, pop the battery back in, and then research. This will solve a whole host of problems.

Send us an email at support@avio.mobi and we’ll help solve any issues you may encounter.


    Easy shop installation

Water-resistant to IP67

 Temperature compensating


    Works with Shimano 105 and Ultegra bike cranks


~75 hours of battery life

1 year warranty


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