So you want to become an ABA?

Taking on a brand ambassador role means that you were hired to represent a brand in a positive light, and by doing so you help raise brand awareness and provide consumers with a memorable face-to-face experience.

The number one objective is to create a fun and memorable experience for consumers.

What does ABA stand for?

ABA stands for Avio Brand Ambassador.

What does being an ABA entail?

We want the ABA to love the brand as much as we do. You will have to have a Powersense before signing up to being an ambassador, as you will need to know the ins-and-outs of PowerSense and also, know exactly how it works.

What characteristics does a good ABA have?

  • Product Knowledge – How can you be an advocate of the product you have no knowledge of?

  • The ability to gather feedback and provide innovative insight – Be sure to be available to help people with their problems and feed back to us, eventually you’ll be able to help those people around you.

  • Preferably part of a Cycling Club – We want to be able to work with clubs closer than we already do, and if you can bring us closer to your club, we’ll be happy to work with you. If not, it’s also fine!

What do I have to do?
Talk to your friends, colleagues and fellow cycling club members about the benefits of cycling and power training with Avio Powersense.

So, being an ABA, what’s in it for me?

You will receive a branded cycling shirt as well as a branded water bottle. You will also receive a unique discount code for you to give out to people that you know. Every sale made with this code, you will receive £20 in vouchers.

How do I get involved?

Well, you just have to visit our Become an Avio Brand Ambassador page, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.

That’s all for now, we can’t wait to be in contact with our ambassadors.

‘Til next time…

The Avio Team