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Get organised with our Event Software Suite!

Track your performance

Let your friends know exactly how well your doing during each event.

Organise events and engage your viewers


It’s now easier then ever to provide an excellent viewing experience thanks to our innovative Organiser Software Suite and easy to use tracking hardware.

Participants can share their location and stats with anyone via Android and iOS app that’s tailored and branded specifically to your event!


Our Engage App and trackers can report their location in 1 second interval providing you with Live data stream.


Take the guessing out of equation!



Our tracking tools allow you to see exactly what is happening in real time. One app supports tracking and the display of the participants position with easy to use, intuitive interface.


We will work with you to make sure that our services match your exact event requirements.

Your event, your brand, your very own App

We make sure that the front end matches your brand and represents your event in the best light possible. We will even help you reach a wider audience via our extensive network.

One App - managed and owned by you!

Avio Engage App for Android and iOS devices has all the necessary tools to track athletes and display their position, performance, stats, results, news and info about your event.

Count down and get on that start line

Avio Engage App will display a countdown to your event using provided event information for any number of races.

Play that race back for me.

AVIO Engage back end will store all the race data collected via our Tracking software suite and will allow AVIO team to replay the event for you at a later stage.

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As a competetive athlete myself I wish that I had this tool available to me during every event. I didn’t. We made one.

Mike Daveney

Managing Director, AVIO Limited

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Once the spectator has selected participants of interest (Favourites) – their location will be displayed on the Google Map.

The location of tracked devices is updated every secons offering the spectators the real time data visualition.

Spectators can zoom in and out to relate the location of their favourites against other contestants.




Event participants are prompt to provide their name (required), age, gender and Initials. They can decide to share that information onto the global database – which will allow spectators to select them from a list of available athletes.

If a smart phone is not an option – AVIO Limited offers a suite of trackers that can be registered to your App so that the contestant do not require to have their phones on.



Once an athlete has confirmed that they are willing to share their location during your event – contestant entry will become selectable for all spectators to track.

AVIO RaceRunner App can be tuned to only allow tracking during your event to prevent the misuse of the tracking technology.

Initials (NIckname etc.) will be displayed on the Google Map pin showing the participant location.




App will also provide bespoke event information allowing the spectators of your event to find out any information you need them to have.

News can be published onto the spectator’s phone to keep them in the loop about any changes to the event.




Home screen shows a countdown to the Event time specified by you.

Participants will be able to register but will only be tracked over the duration of the event.

We can integrate a scrolling gallery of your choice which will be presented to the spectators upon App launch.





Participants can enable tracking once their details have been registered with AVIO back end services.

These details are remembered on our servers and will remain there until changed by the user.

Starting the tracking is as easy as pushing a button.





Route information comes with elevation levels of the terrain allowing the contestants and spectators to see the challenges awaiting behind every corner.





The Engage App works in the background mode – meaning you can lock your device and start running anytime.

  • Cross-platform, Smart & Lightweight
  • Designed around your event and branding
  • Precise: depending on the hardware capabilities AVIO RaceRunner suite offers real time 2m geo-location precision
  • Little or no investment – we can offer a shared App revenue service meaning no upfront costs!
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