O-Ring (individual)


Get it today, get going tomorrow

This washer is a replacement for any people that may need it.

Lost yours? Broken? Dog ate it? Here’s your replacement for no only a pound.


Avio PowerSense O-Ring is for replacements only (unless you’re collecting them, of course)

Each Avio PowerSense for bike comes with an 8-week training guide and one Quickstart Guide.

Avio also offers a Retrofit Service to you where you send us your crank, we fit, calibrate and send back to you on a 5-day turnaround.

An alternative to the Retrofit Service is to drop it into your local Avio Authorised Dealer. You can find your local dealer here.

Get it today, get going tomorrow.

Please see the table for the Avio PowerSense features. This is NOT the washer features.

Length: (W) 30mm x (L) 90mm x (D) 10.5mm
Weight: 27 grams
Batteries: CR2032 Battery x 3
Battery Life: 100 Hours
Box Weight: 140 grams
Warranty: 12 Months comprehensive warranty replacement for the original purchaser
Waterproof? IP67 water-resistant
 Other: Able to view through popular head units (Garmin etc)