PowerSense 105 – Chainset



Built on to a Shimano 105 chainset with a 5700 and 5800 crank, placed on the non-drive side (the left-side crank) in order to independently measure a rider’s power.

Developed for cyclists, by cyclists, for both during and post-session evaluation, Avio PowerSense allows for a full drill-down of cyclists’ data.


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  •   Identify individual cycle power data
  •   Reports power & cadence
  •   ANT+ enabled
  •   Fully waterproof IP67
  •   View your data on your head unit


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This Shimano 105 Chainset comes pre-attached and calibrated with Avio PowerSense to save you lots of time.


Real World Use

Avio PowerSense is there to help amateur riders reach the very best of their abilities from the grass-roots up with professional equipment.


Active Temperature Compensation

The consistency of measurement is the most important feature of a power meter. Using industry standards with Active Temperature Compensation, Avio PowerSense can now use this information as an automatic process to ensure accurate readings no matter the environmental conditions.


Accuracy Level

Each Avio PowerSense is individually calibrated before preparation of delivery to ensure a +/- 2% accuracy level, which is standard accuracy for non-scientific power meters. Individual calibration means that you can trust the data which has been produced by our systems, as it’s an actual measurement and not an estimation.



Avio PowerSense:  Compatible with all Shimano Hollowtech II non-drive side crank arms
Frame compatibility:  Most frames, check our clearance requirements here
Software compatibility:  Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others
Device compatibility:  ANT+ Wireless Communication Platform

In The Box

 PowerSense crank power meter with Chainset
 8 Week training guide
 Quickstart Guide
 CR2032 batteries x 2
 Rider stickers
 Warranty card


Length:  (W) 30mm x (L) 90mm x (D) 10.5mm
Weight:  25 grams (approx)
Box Length:  230mm (L) x 165mm (W) x 35mm (D)
Box Weight:  140 grams (approx)
Warranty:  24 months comprehensive warranty replacement
Battery Life:  100 Hours
Other:  IP67 water-resistant


Avio also offers a Retrofit Service to you where you send us your crank, we fit, calibrate and send back to you on a 3-day turnaround. An alternative is to drop it into your local Avio Authorised Dealer. You can find your local dealer here.