Metrics are becoming the norm in everyday life, with smartphones, smartwatches even smart trainers. We are all telling each other how many ‘steps’ we have walked in a day! So what is the next ‘step’? Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!

Technology has advanced so much, and the demand for ‘smart’ devices is growing fast. For the beginner cyclist who has had the bike for a period of a month say, and has some cash to spend on their new love, they might well want to start swapping out a few parts that were standard with the bike, to upgrade to better quality alternatives. 

Why wouldn’t they want to get ‘smart’ too? Beginners are looking for validation of their investment in their new-found sport, and ‘improvement’ is the proof they’re looking for; metrics measure improvement.

Affordable metrics though?

The power meter industry is changing, the prices are coming down. A well-known industry leader has reduced their prices across the board, to get in line with what’s happening. We predicted the industry would change on ‘early adopter technology’ and are proud to have brought in a quality power meter at a fair and affordable price.

Mike Devaney, co-founder of Avio Sports has been in the fitness trade for the past ten years. As a former head coach for a leading health club, he identified that the keen amateur would soon consider sports tech a part of the package for most training programs. “We have progressed from heart rate monitors to power meters, the future will be so much more connected than we thought. From attached wearables and live on 5G, through to implants to further integrate for technological ‘smartness’.”

For the amateur cyclist, or in fact, anyone remotely interested in their health, getting ‘smart’ at an affordable price point is available now. ‘Will it make us faster? History would probably say, yes.’