Over the last few weeks we have fixed some glitches meaning we now have an update. 

The Q & A below should consolidate the questions you’ll have regarding the update.

Anything else you can get in touch but as a general rule – if you’re not having any issues at all (most of you) then you needn’t update at all.

Q. What hardware has changed?

A. The ground battery contact is slightly different. Instead of a four legged contact  – we’ve improved this by moving to a newly available 1-sided spring disk contact; lessening the force on the battery and the contact itself. Occasionally users, when changing the battery, were damaging this.

Q. What firmware has changed?

A. Updates to improved power management on the unit leading to better battery life – more stable readings and a much more stable connection.

Q. Does it have better accuracy?

A. Yes, but only a little bit better. It was pretty good before but in improving the power management across the unit’s circuits, we’ve improved the algorithm slightly. You might not be able to notice this much however.

Q. Does it have better battery life?

A. It does. v20.2 fixes a bug in the power management which meant unfortunate but early battery warnings for some users.