We’re the Prada in a Primark Store

By this, we mean amazing quality for the most affordable price. We’re good at what we do and we want you to be too! We’ve designed Avio to be affordable yet better than anybody else at what we do. So we want to help you shape your performance to be the best you possibly can also!

The mirror on the wall will always tell you that we’re the best powermeter of all!


We’ve grinded hard to get this price as low as we possibly can, and nobody can beat this quality for this price. We’ve even upgraded our look, (you can check it out here) and we even kept the price affordable, so that you can keep your savings!

You can get all your data for the minimum price of £249. See why your data is important here.




We’re extremely proud to have one of the most affordable powermeters on the market, yet one of the highest performing ones – to view the range, click here

We’ve also got a variety of chainsets and cranks for you to choose from Shimano Ultegra to Shimano 105 which our Avio PowerSense can be fitted to. They also come pre-fitted or we offer a factory fit service where we can use your already snazzy crank, fit and send back to you in a 3-day turnaround. Even better, they’re still affordable powermeters! For more information on how it works, click here.

The majority of cyclists also have either Ultegra or 105 cranks, so we’re making it even more accessible for you to get Avio PowerSense.

‘Til next time…

The Avio Team

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