Now you can see what’s going on in the boat, as it happens, with Avio RowSense.

How hard are your rowers pulling? How well are they pulling together?

Avio RowSense is the only simple to use, and cost-effective, force measuring power meter on the market that links to existing iOS devices or the cloud. Now, coaches can see the force exerted by their rowers in real-time, allowing them to perfect individual athlete performance, and making their boats go faster.

Giving you insight into each rower’s stroke, real-time, from the launch boat, the comfort of the boathouse, or your own home, it can help you make the changes needed to get the best from your crew, as well as view power performance for the entire team, for all athlete’s connected.

Finally, an IoT system for rowing!

With Avio RowSense you can:

  • See real-time force curve data and give feedback on performance, from the launch while they’re rowing, or when you’re back on dry land
  • View data discretely, without interfering with crew performance in the row tank, race or practice environments
  • See the shape of the force curve for each athlete, for every stroke, and use to improve their technique efficiency
  • Record performance of up to eight sweep athletes, simultaneously, using BlueTooth or 3G/4G
  • Monitor accelerations, the peak power phase, and speed and distance, for each athlete connected
  • Send your crews off on their own, in any destination with a 3G signal, to record their data for you to download and analyse, either real-time or at your leisure back on dry land
  • Retrofit your existing setup, as Avio RowSense is attached the blade itself and connects to any iOS device, as well as the new Avio Vision 3G Head Unit


It’s the judgement and guidance of the cox and coach that delivers a winning crew. Avio RowSense helps improve coach and cox effectiveness, by showing the shape of each athlete’s force curves as well as peak power performance, helping you to help identify how your rowers can improve their stroke, as well as refine the performance of the entire crew.

Your athletes will be able to see the importance of refining their force curves and discover where they can improve their technique to go faster on the water.

The retrofit design means that there’s no costly equipment needed to get started, Avio RowSense attaches easily to any branded blade. After our ten minute setup, you can start to view real-time data of your sweep rowers in action immediately.

We have more exciting news coming soon, but for now, that’s all from us at basecamp! Before we go, have you got any questions or legendary rowing tales to share? Drop us a line here, we’d love to hear from you.

‘Til next time…

The Avio Team