Have you ever had the ‘Worst race analysis of your entire life like ever?!’

Race analysis Everybody has been there; we’ve all had at least one bad race! Well now, with our Avio PowerSense power meter you can know what went wrong and where!

It’s amazing! You go out for a ride, as usual. (Except this time, you have one of our Avio PowerSense cranks with the power meter already attached.) Connect your headset, and you’re good to go! You can track your progress as you ride. You can also upload your rides to a training software and view your progress. This way, when it comes to race analysis day, you’ll be ready to go!




Did you not have enough fitness and stamina to just hold on a bit more? Or had you massively under fuelled? I guess we’ll never know. Oh wait, now we can know! You can make the judgement call and change your training accordingly whilst on your bike immediately whilst still using Avio PowerSense to track the events changing in the moment.

PowerSense can stop making your race day a guessing game, as you already know your numbers to look for and it already makes what you’re capable of before combusting. This way you can execute your race properly and pace yourself efficiently and properly. For more reasons to train with Avio PowerSense, click here

‘Til next time…

The Avio Team

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