Customers and retailers alike are looking for an easy route to power. Although fitting is relatively easy with our fitting kit there are those of us, me included, that would like instant gratification. I want to get going and only really worry about understanding my stats, luckily I work for Avio!

If I didn’t work for Avio… I’d pay the £249 fitted price, as it’s still the best value power meter on the market. 

I bought myself a shiny new bike two years ago and I certainly would have taken my retailer up on an upsell of a power meter. Avio offers a ‘Power with that’ service, for retailers, where we do the fitting to the crank for bike builds. All you need to know is that it’s on the bike when you collect it. (For our B2B friends who haven’t taken us up on this before, give us a call for the low down.)

Avio PowerSense is working closely with your local retailer, so the retailers can get a PowerSense on your new bike from the word go:) 

It’s simple for them and a major win for you. Save the high street, and talk to your retailer.