Our battery covers are made from super tough recyclable ABS (as is the whole enclosure).

The same stuff they use to make some automotive components from and protective headgear. This makes them pretty tough but not invincible. Should you crush one or stand on one (perhaps with a cleat?) they CAN break.

What about O-Rings? We designed to be the perfect fit on the inside under the battery cover to allow a super watertight seal (Ahem… left-hand power meters have never had a problem with those before have they?).

However, sometimes things happen, and we end up with a broken battery covers from being trodden on…or we’ve taken the o-ring out and it made a beeline for a roadside drain.

No need to worry, but if the conditions are poor you don’t really want to be riding around with an open battery cavity – that’s just not cricket – so you’ll want to get something over it pretty sharpish.

Pop over to our shop, you can purchase battery covers and o-rings here. We know that a good number of riders like to keep a few spares (usually a battery cover and a couple of washers) in their riding stash with tubes and canisters, multitool etc.

A quick note – Battery covers come with o-rings, but o-rings don’t come with battery covers.

Make sure the o-ring is seated properly before twisting on the battery cover – trapping it improperly can cause a few problems.

Any issue – pop us over a note – we’ve always got someone on the battery cover query shift.