Stick to the Plan!

Training to a power-based plan is perfect to see results with your Avio PowerSense powermeter. One of the pros about a power-based plan is that it can make training a lot simpler as takes a lot of the guessing games out of the equation.

If you can’t find a training plan that suits you specifically, there’s nothing wrong with creating and assigning yourself one, just sticking to it each day (or each time depending on how often you ride.) That way,  you don’t have to guess the length of your journey or what sort of power you’re looking for at the end of your ride.




This will make you the best rider you can be and will ease your mind that you are training effectively and efficiently – especially on race day!

Luckily, we’ve provided an 8-week training plan with our Powermeter 😉 But again, like we’ve said – this may not be for everyone, you need to find one that suits you the best and work to it until you see progress, or if you’re really not seeing progress – change the power-based plan! 

Hope this helps!

‘Til next time…

The Avio Team

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