Updating Avio PowerSense Firmware

You will need:

  1. iOS Device
  2. Avio Installer app
  3. nRF Connect app
  4. Avio PowerSense
  5. Avio Firmware Package File

1) Downloading Avio PowerSense Installer app

Unlock your iOS device and navigate to the Avio Installer App

If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, click here and follow the instructions




2) Downloading NRF Connect

Search for “NRF Connect” in the App Store, and download the correct app.

You can see from the image which is the correct app.





3) Downloading the most recent software

Below, there is a button with the most recent software, you will need to download this from your iOS device and “Open with NRF Connect”

Remember to tap the link on your iOS device


Click the link below on your iOS device.



 4) Next, you’ll need to open the Avio Installer app on your iOS device.




 4) Once the Avio Installer app has launched, you’ll need to search and find your sensor. 

When your sensor shows, tap to pair with it. 





5) Now your app has launched, you will need to tap the DFU button on the right side of the buttons. 

Your device will say that it’s sending the command to the device. 

*Notice the change in speed of the LED on PowerSense, this will tell you when it has received the command*

(The DFU mode on PowerSense will only last for 60 seconds, so if it goes back to flashing normally please complete this step again)






Currently, the app shows this message when pressing “DFU”.

This means that the app is disconnecting to the sensor, so that you can connect to the sensor via nRF Connect (Below).

It’s nothing to worry about, your sensor isn’t broken!





6) Minimise the app, and go to the NRF Connect app.

Pull down from the top of the list to refresh. You need to find the one that says “DfuTarg”

Once found, tap the black “CONNECT” button.





6) Next to the Secure DFU Service is a blue button which reads DFU.

Tap the blue button.





6) When doing this for the first time, your screen will show no saved firmwares. 

Tap the + in the top right corner. 

It will take you to a list of things to upload. 

Upload the most recent software, in this case 19.6. (The top one on the image)

Tap Done. 





6) The most recent firmware should now show in the list. 

Tap the correct firmware.


6) Now the firmware is ready to be uploaded to your device. 

Press the play button in the bottom centre.

Once the firmware has completed uploading, you should see a tick and a message saying “Complete”


Your device will now have the most recent firmware update! 

To find out when we have a brand new firmware update, visit our Facebook page.