Pairing and Zero-Offsetting your Avio PowerSense

s Pairing your Avio PowerSense

don’t shelve your kit, work with it

Connect to your Garmin head unit, and download in the normal way to Strava, Garmin software, and many more.

Enable your Garmin (500, 520, 800 or 1000) power readout function for real data.

To the right is an example of a connection on a Garmin 520.

Step 1 –  Ensure that your head unit is switched on and on the screen shown (Garmin only.)
Step 2 –  Press the button shown on the image (up) which will navigate you to the settings menu. When on this page scroll down to the “Sensors off” tab and click in the button shown.
Step 3 –  You will come to this page, press the button shown to start setting up and adding your new sensor.
Step 4 –  Navigate down to “Power” as you will be connecting a power meter, and press the button shown on the picture opposite.
            Step 5 – Give your crank arm a sharp tap or a little spin on your bike to wake the PowerSense during this stage. You don’t need to press anything on the Garmin.
          Step 6 – When you find a connection, make sure to check your “Important Information” card for your ANT+ ID and check it’s the same as the one that’s showing up on your head unit. Make sure its checked and then press “Add Sensor.”
          Step 7 – You are now connected to your PowerSense! If it’s your first time connecting, carry on reading for the calibration of your PowerSense.

That’s it.. Wasn’t that hard, was it? If you’re finding that too tricky to follow, view the videos below to connect to your head unit.

Zero Offsetting your Avio PowerSense

Step 1 – Make sure you’re on this screen to start with, press the button shown (up), this will take you to the “status” page.
Step 2 – Navigate down to “Power Meter – Calibrate” and press in the button shown on the picture.
Step 3 – Before continuing past this stage, ensure that the left side is in the 6 o’clock position and then press the button shown on the picture.









Step 4 – 

If your zero offset is successful, you will see a screen like this.

Please check that your zero offset number is around 200 for the most effective results.

Don’t worry if it’s not around 200, you don’t need to send it back.

Your PowerSense has paired and zero offset. 🙂 

If you find following the instructions tricky, follow our calibration videos here