Dear Customer,

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues with your Avio RowSense, we know how frustrating it can be to find that things aren’t working quite as they should.

To resolve any issues as quickly as possible, we’ve put together a Troubleshooting Guide to help you remotely. Please check the steps below, and, if you can’t find the solution to your issue in the guide, contact us for more help.

Best regards,

The Avio Team

Problem: Not connecting or appearing on the iOS app
Cause: Low Battery
Solution: If the battery is below the required voltage level, the sensor will not connect to the mobile app. Please make sure to use new, good quality batteries, and we recommend that you replace the batteries every couple of weeks for best results.



Problem: Sensor is showing high power/force on the app
Cause: Zero Offset or Calibration is required
Solution: You should Calibrate your blade when you first install your Avio RowSense sensors, and Zero Offset your devices before every session (see the next tab for Zero Offset instructions, and the Calibration page for our installation guide)

Using the iOS App

Find the RowSense Sensor

Place sensor in the relevant slot

Assign username to the sensor

Press ”New User 1”

Press ‘Connect’

Press ‘Zero Offset’ and the force should return to zero


Using the Android App

Open App and press Connect

Select the Row Sensor

Press ‘Zero Offset’

Problem: No Power is reported by the sensor
Cause: The sensor could be damaged
Solution: Contact Avio Sports for support

Problem: No power or data is reported from Avio RowSense to iOS devices in the launch boat
Cause: The Coach is in a blind spot
Solution: If you’re directly behind or in front of the rowing hull, you’ll be unable to receive any data from the sensors because you’re in a Bluetooth blindspot – you need to be adjacent to the hull to receive readings to your iOS device, or purchase our 3G Head Unit accessory for a wider range in all areas covered by a 3G/4G signal