Train hard,

Race easy

Meet PowerSense…

…your new best friend.

your effort, your progress, your sport.

Ever wondered actually how you’ve rowed, what your stroke rate was? As a coach or cox, have you ever wondered which crew member is working the hardest…and who the least? 

Avio’s PowerSense can provide you with these stats and much more in an easy to use app form.

See where you've been

Mapping your training  is crucial to a good training programme.

Avio will not only show you your training history but also which

sessions were comparatively mroe effective.

Compare indoors and outdoors

Monitor your power levels to show OTW OTE differences.

Compare with friends

Link with your friends to share your improvements,

experiences, and encourage those around you.

Blade Sensor


Using industry superior strain gauges and structural adhesives, we  guarantee a  valid measurement of the effort.

The ease of fitting and subsequent use means that with minimal training, the coach or a cox will be able to kit out a whole crew within minutes.


mobile and tablet

Developed with coaches in mind, and for both during and post session evaluation, Avio’s applications allow for a full drilldown of rowers’ data.

In either “rowing” mode, or “cox and coach” mode, Avio can track accelerations, peak power phase and technique efficiency alongside basic functions such as speed and distance.

This app will condense all data and organise it into a simple and comprehendable dashboard of performance.

Head Unit

for coxes

For cox observation where weight, reliability and clarity are all vital.

With the ability to:

  Identify individual oarsman power data

 Track stroke efficiency 

  Track speed:power

  Track power:weight


Bluetooth LE

Avio sensors send information by Bluetooth Low Energy to your display unit that fits on the footplate. This can be downloaded to your phone and then up to the website for easy access to your statistics.

A personal account

Quickly view your performance stats and analytics

Getting started now with one of our

free rower accounts.


There are two parts to what Avio does: the patented hardware measuring the force and power, and the software that runs on both your phone and on the website.

   No wires: Our sensors use the latest Bluetooth low every wireless communication system to communicate with your phone or head unit.

   IP67 Water Resistant: Avio sensors can withstand weather conditions.

   Battery life: Only 1 CR2032 battery can provide your Avio sensor with over 200 hours of continuous use.

   Personalised: Each sensor can be named, so you can instantly distinguish yours from your teammate’s.

   Lightweight design: We’ve worked hard to bring you a sensor that’s sleek, lightweight, and sturdy. They weigh only 27 grams with a negligeable affect on aerodynamics.

    Industry superior strain-gauges

Clear cox and coach dashboards

 Weather resistant IP67



    App runs on mobile phones and tablets

High range of component compatibility

Wireless communication


Fitting your Powersense


Calibrating Powersense


Frequent Questions


Meet the Team


As a pro-team it’s great to finally see the data on what’s happening in the boat.  Well done, and Henley here we come!

Greg A.

Stroke of the Uni 8 Champ

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