With Valentine’s day around the corner, we got thinking, and it turns out you get more from training hard on your bike than just getting stronger on your bike…

So why are you, as a cyclist, so much better in bed than the average unfit person?

Better Mood

The endorphins that you get out of ripping it around your local road-scape on two wheels puts you in a great mood which will ensure that you are extra lovely to your partner. The UK Cycle to Work Scheme surveyed its members on the impact of cycling on people’s sex lives and found that 79% of people claimed that commuting by bike put them in a better mood for their partners, thus resulting in more sex being had in the first place!

More Attractive

There’s no doubt about it; cycling makes you physically sexier! If you cycle a lot you’ll have very little fat and lots of muscles resulting in a great body.

A British Heart Foundation survey asked 600 men and women which type of athlete they would rather date and cyclists came out as the resounding winner with over a quarter of all votes.

More Confidence

With a better body, you’ll be more confident in the bedroom and this heightened confidence will make you so much more attractive to the opposite sex. In a recent Arkansas University study it was found that 60% of physically fit women and 80% of physically fit men (people who train 4 or 5 times a week) considered themselves to be more sexually attractive than average people.

Better Stamina

Cycling is an endurance sport, so builds your stamina as well as the muscle groups essential for great sex. Your strong legs, lower back and core, as well as your cardiovascular system will keep your performance in top condition for longer between the sheets!

Better Rhythm

Cycling is rhythmical, the smoother your pedal strokes the faster and more efficient you will be. So your enhanced natural sense of rhythm as a cyclist coupled with your super stamina is a sure fire way to make your other half very happy this Valentine’s day.